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  • The American Library Association Releases 'Book Résumés' for Banned Books February 21, 2024
    The American Library Association's Unite Against Book Bans initiative has unveiled a new free resource—a collection of "book résumés." Created in collaboration with dozens of publishers, Unite Against Book Bans book résumés are easy-to-print documents that summarize a banned book's significance and educational value, including a synopsis, reviews from professional journals, awards, accolades, and more. […]
  • Queer Literature is Booming in Africa February 20, 2024
    Even in countries where homophobia is pervasive and same-sex relationships are illegal, authors are pushing boundaries, finding an audience and winning awards...
  • Romance Bookstores are Taking Over America February 14, 2024
    Five years ago, there was just one. Now bookshops exclusively stocking romance novels are everywhere – aiming to 'undo generations of shame'... At least eight other dedicated romance novel bookstores opened across the US in 2023, in cities from Wichita, Kansas, to Belfast, Maine. At least three more have opened so far in 2024, in […]
  • Two OpenAI book Lawsuits Partially Dismissed by California Court February 14, 2024
    Two copyright infringement lawsuits brought forward by authors against artificial intelligence company OpenAI have been partially dismissed in court. The cases, led by comedian Sarah Silverman and novelist Paul Tremblay, alleged that OpenAI unlawfully used their books to train the large language model underlying artificial intelligence tool ChatGPT, which produces human-like text in response to […]