Author Ray Casas is a late bloomer. Born and raised in Austin, Texas, to a single mother of three, he owns and operates DNA Assured, a local paternity/DNA collection agency, during the day and enjoys writing into the late night hours when at home. The American Fever was based on a very intense dream he had one night. He knew he had to write about it and share it with the world. It is injected with humor and the natural sorrows of life. Keeping true to his vision, Ray hired models to portray the main characters for the book cover. The photo shoots took place on the campus of his old high school, Crockett High, and at the Lake Austin boating dock, two key settings in the book. He’s currently working on Part II of The American Fever. A father of two lovely daughters and one precious granddaughter, he loves spending time with his family. During his spare time, he trains at the gym, fishes, and loves a good round of golf. His biggest passion is giving back to his local community, especially The Boys and Girls Club of Austin. Each year, Ray has a turkey drive during Thanksgiving. He also plays Santa Claus during Christmas and gives presents to less fortunate children in a low-income neighborhood where he once lived as a young boy.